Nepal’s Wild West - Dolpo & the Kingdom of Mustang

Dolpo is a wild and magical land, hidden behind the Himalaya and inaccessible for much of the year.  Immortalised in Peter Matthiessen’s book “The Snow Leopard” and further popularised by the Oscar-nominated film “Caravan”, Dolpo is the home of a flourishing Tibetan culture where the lifestyle of the mountain people has barely changed in generations.

This presentation concentrates on the Lower Dolpo region, and covers the approach routes from Beni and Jumla, the isolated Do Tarap Valley, the major pass crossings of the Numa La, Baga La and Kaagmaara La, and the remote mountain lake at Phoksumdo.

In addition, the first part of the presentation follows the approach routes along the upper Kali Gandaki Valley into the romantic Kingdom of Mustang.  Restricted access for foreigners, stunning high altitude desert scenery and the traditional Tibetan culture have all contributed to Mustang’s Shangri La reputation.