Chris Beall Photography

Originally from Leeds in the north of England, Chris left the corporate world in 1981 to join a series of overland expeditions in Central and South America. During this one-year trip he discovered a passion for photography and for travelling and trekking in remote corners of the globe.

18 months of working and travelling in Africa followed, before a British adventure travel company commissioned him to photograph their expeditions in Nepal and India in 1984. Just one trek in Nepal sealed his fate – like so many others before him, Chris was captivated by the Himalaya and especially by the people living amongst the high mountains.

Chris' photographic material is marketed by three major photo agencies: the Lonely Planet Images Collection managed by Getty Images (based in Seattle U.S.A., but with distribution offices around the world), Retna Pictures (London) and Eye Ubiquitous / Hutchison (Sussex, U.K.). Chris also writes on a variety of travel-related subjects, and his photos and/or articles have been published in coffee table books, guide books, newspapers and magazines around the world. Publications have included National Geographic magazine, Time Magazine, BBC Publications, newspapers (The Times, The Independent, The Observer, The Telegraph, The Globe and Mail), guide books (Lonely Planet Publications, Trailblazer Publications), and airline in-flight magazines (Qantas Australian Airlines, Thai Airways, Philippine Airlines, Biman Bangladesh Airlines and Royal Nepal Airlines).